Bible College

Bible College

Join Pastor David for the Spring Quarter of Northern California Bible College, located in the Jerusalem room at Jubilee Christian Center. This is a great opportunity for you to further your biblical knowledge in a classroom setting. Registration is now open and classes fill up fast.

Begins Thursday night, April 6
Jerusalem Room
7:00pm to 9:00pm

The Book of Revelation

The return of Christ has been called or “Blessed Hope.”  In mysterious detail, the Book of Revelation prepares the way for that final event.  As much as possible, the course attempts to clarify those predicted events yet to come prior to his return.  When diverse interpretations occur, the strengths and weaknesses of each major view will be analyzed and evaluated.  The course also includes a study of “Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy.”

Students may check out the first session with no obligation to enroll; students also have three months to pay their tuition.

Tuition price:

Full college credit:  $360 per course

Certificate:  $280 per course
(Student does all course work but receives no college credit.)

Audit:  $160 per course
(No credit given or course work done; student takes for personal enrichment.)

There is a one-time $35 application fee.

Contact us at: or 925-846-6464