Bible College

Bible College

Join Pastor David for the Fall Quarter of Northern California Bible College, located in the Jerusalem room at Jubilee Christian Center. This is a great opportunity for you to further your biblical knowledge in a classroom setting. Registration is now open and classes fill up fast.

Begins Thursday night, September 7
Jerusalem Room
7:00pm to 9:00pm


Hermeneutics is the science of biblical interpretation.  The student will learn the universally accepted techniques that enable Bible students to rightly interpret God’s word.  Some of these principles include:  the law of first mention, the law of context, the comparative principle, how to interpret types & shadows, and the list goes on.  Students will also learn how to formulate an actual “doctrine,” explain a given passage, and answer a typical Bible question using all the available resources.  This course is a “must” for any serious student of the Bible!

Students may check out the first session with no obligation to enroll; students also have three months to pay their tuition.

Tuition price:

Full college credit:  $420 per course

Certificate:  $300 per course
(Student does all course work but receives no college credit.)

Audit:  $160 per course
(No credit given or course work done; student takes for personal enrichment.)

There is a one-time $35 application fee.

Contact us at: or 925-846-6464