Leadership is all about service. With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead & guide for the Jubilee community.

Jacqueline Castrillo

Children’s Pastor
Facebook | jacquelineg@jubilee.org

“Experiencing the way kids think about God and life first-hand is one of my favorites,” says Pastor Jackie Garcia, the Director of the Early Childhood Ministry. Working with children from birth-to-4 years old has always been her dream and God is stretching and using her to reach the next generation.

“I remember talking to a boy about super heroes; he was explaining much how he loved the Hulk. I said, “Me too, he has big muscles and is so awesome!” The boy’s sister came from behind and said, “Yeah, just like Jesus!” I was so astounded by her answer and how she related Jesus as her super hero. As the proud mother of two wonderful children, moments like that make my job as pastor worth every minute.”