Leadership is all about service. With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead & guide for the Jubilee community.

Jesse Guel

Celebrate Recovery
Facebook | jesseg@jubilee.org

Pastor Jesse Guel is the Director of the Jubilee Celebrate Recovery Ministry. “For me, it is not a job, it’s a calling” says Pastor Jesse. “Serving people has become my greatest joy. Watching how God provides answers and shows direction to people through me as I surrender to his guidance will always remain priceless and keep me humble.”

It’s obvious that Pastor Jesse has a love for his Harley, but you might be surprised at his passion for live theater and the arts. That speaks to Jubilee’s ability to reach such a diverse group of people. “I love the diversity of those who come to our church. Jubilee is always evolving, reaching new and higher levels of teachings, ministry, and worship. Our awesome outreach makes us sought out by many to co-lead or implement better recovery programs, not only for our members but also for the community.”