Leadership is all about service. With Jesus as our example, we are honored to lead & guide for the Jubilee community.

Juanita Childress

Women’s Pastor
Facebook | juanitac@jubilee.org

If it wasn’t for Pastor Juanita Chidress’ living room, there might never have been a Jubilee Christian Center. That was where Pastor Dick and his family began their Bible studies that soon blossomed into what is now Jubilee. She still sees this as an innovative and groundbreaking church. “When I invite someone to Jubilee I tell them to expect to have fun and meet a lot of friendly people from every background,” says Pastor Juanita. “Pastor Dick always makes people laugh and feel good about themselves but at the same time we’re learning biblical principles. People love the teaching and the music because we’re a more contemporary charismatic church.”

More than 30 years later, Pastor Juanita’s still going strong, leading the Women’s Ministry and combining her work with her passion for reading. “I love teaching Bible studies, so reading and study of the scriptures in preparation is very enjoyable to me.”