Bible College

Bible College

Join Pastor David for the Fall Quarter of Northern California Bible College, located in the Jerusalem room at Jubilee Christian Center. This is a great opportunity for you to further your biblical knowledge in a classroom setting. Registration is now open and classes fill up fast.

Book of Genesis
Begins Thursday night, Sept. 17th
Jerusalem Room
7:00 to 9:00 pm

Genesis contains the beginning of all the great themes of the Bible.  The course will include a careful examination of original sin, Abraham’s walk of faith, the trials of Jacob, the formation of the 12 tribes, while ending with the amazing story of Joseph.  Our study begins with a careful look at the “old earth” vs. “new earth controversy, followed by a close look at the early history of the earth leading up to the flood.  For those who hunger to better understand this amazing book we invite you to come.

Students may check out the first two sessions with no obligation to enroll; students also have three months to pay their tuition.

Tuition price:
Full college credit:  $320
Certificate:  $240
Audit:  $160

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