Redemption Church Bay Area, previously known as Jubilee Christian Center, is history in the making. After hearing from God about
re-purposing his position in ministry, Pastor Dick Bernal had multiple conversations with Pastor Ron Carpenter about being his successor. Taking a leap of faith and knowing he would have to leave the church he built in South Carolina after 27 years, the torch was passed. Pastor Ron and Hope Carpenter’s heart through this transition is focused on the kingdom. With the history of Jubilee and the future of Redemption they pray that hearts will be open to a new way to do church.

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Where do I send my tithe online?

We have a NEW giving platform that we have just launched. Please click the link below to register for your new account today!! 


Contact contributions at Dedes@myredemption.cc with any questions or concerns.

Where do I watch church online?

You will still be able to watch live services broadcasted with the link provided below. Watch live on i.church on Sundays at 6am, 7:30am, 9am & 11:15am PST.

Where do I find upcoming events?

Upcoming event information will now be on the myredemption.cc/bayarea website. Please visit this page for upcoming events.

Where do I login tO JConnect?

Although the name has changed from JConnect to MyRedemption Portal, your account information remains the same. Please continue using the same username/password.

105 Nortech Pkwy, SJ – Services ( Sun. 9 & 11:15 am – English ) ( Sun. 2:15 pm & Fri. 7:30 pm – Spanish )

Still have questions?

Pastor Dick Bernal is transitioning the legacy of his church, Jubilee Christian Center, into his international ministry. You can be a part of his continuing ministry journey!

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